The following details all the important dates you need to know for your initial association with Operavision D’Oro.  The Application form is available  HERE.

What To Expect:


Operavision D’Oro offers unique training with an elite group of professionals that will guide and inspire  your artistic development, coupled with a refining of personal message and vocal freedom, in a safe and encouraging environment designed to prepare you for a life in service to music. Taking what you learn and immediately using what you learn onstage in front of an audience.  Helping you the performer SEE yourself differently! You will receive:

♦ One-on-one guidance and training from legendary soprano Aprile Millo,  Maestro Bonynge, Maestra Inseon Lee and highly qualified guests in technical, stylistic,and dramatic aspects.

♦ Musical Preparation focused on technical aspects, stylistic precision, historical accuracy, and authentic diction with one of our renowned world-class maestri and pianists. Delving deeply to find the best ways to bring YOUR message to the music while keeping a close watch on the invitations implicit in the composer’s wishes and enhancing a genuine personality to help make that combination the most persuasive to the audience.

♦Drama, dance, character study, and body movement sessions with one of our esteemed drama, dance and body movement masters.

♦ Historical lectures with the Casa Verdi based on primary and secondary research that contribute to the materials being explored in your preparation as an artist and for performance.

♦ The opportunity to learn from special guests in weekly round-table discussions with some of the greatest minds in music today about all matters concerning opera and the “business” of opera in today’s world.

Master Classes with Aprile Millo and Richard Bonynge and other special guests of high international  fame and recognition to be announced in the weeks ahead.



The unique aspect about OV is that we can offer you the opportunity to perform for the most historically renowned operatic associations and organizations in Italy (Casa di Riposo Per Musicisti:  Fondazione Verdi, (Milano), Comitato Renata Tebaldi (Busseto), Fondazione Giacomo Puccini, and the Amici di Luigi Illica in Castel’Arquato, Italy. 2019 honoured the memory of Signora Simonetta Puccini (Torre del Lago) who is deeply missed friend and collaborator with the Academy, and concerts in the historic Casa Barezzi, where Verdi first honed his craft in the Verdi city of Busseto. At the end of each week, the materials studied are presented in and out of town, in concerts to benefit  one of these very important organizations.  Transportation to and from out-of-town centres will be accommodated as well as a one night-stay for two of the events.

Link to the Official Site of the Renata Tebaldi Fondazione Museo


                                                         Comune du Busseto                                                                      

                                        Busseto Live to explore this beautiful City.                                              

Casa di riposo

Casa di Riposo,  Giuseppe Verdi

Link to the Villa Puccini (Torre del Lago) website

Puccini's house

Salotto e piano forte di Giacomo Puccini (Torre del Lago)

Link to the Museo Casa Barezzi 

Casa Barezzi

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