Operavision D'Oro
"Ritorna Vincitor! The Return of Aprile Millo to Italy.

Operavision D’Oro

JULY 3-24, 2023

BY Popular Demand!

Operavision D’Oro of Aprile Millo is a unique opportunity to work one on one with a legendary voice of international stature and considered to be one of the greatest voices of the 20th Century.

A program built especially for her allowing total immersion in a safe and diverse environment exploring individualized solutions to achieve vocal freedom bringing personality and glamour while still offering all the necessary rigors of Bel Canto and importantly, an authentic message and style in correct rhythms and cadence according to composer and language. In this unique moment in time she will gather like minded colleagues from around the musical world to help with body movement and acting…. meditation, exploring more about a mind body connection. Inviting an informed inner life to the performer that brings a truth and authenticity to the meaning of the text, along with all the other tools needed to explore what it really means to take the next step forward in your vocal journey and test immediately the soundness of the technique on stage in front of the public. Stepping from singer to……. Artist.

Madame Millo wrote recently, “I am part of a long arc of tradition….. and we are all on that bridge going forward to a new age of singing which must be anchored in real principals of beautiful singing, Bel Canto a phrase that is thrown around a lot with no real understanding of it….this is absolute.. passing the beautiful forward….I am privileged to have learned from so many artists, and directors and conductors, especially the great Renata Tebaldi, a great voice of harmony and beauty; a great soul and cherished and revered friend…. from another of my mentors Zinka Milanov, to Magda Olivero, Brigit Nilsson, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge, Licia Albanese, Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Herbert Von Karajan, James Levine, and the great Giuseppe Patanè and Nello Santi….taught by a pupil of Carbone in Rita Patanè Saponaro… All who have taught me, shared their love and knowledge of music with me…. Safe to say all the greatest love great singing… All root for you…….Great opera is in YOU……!!!

Come share some music with me where the composers themselves lived and loved and drew their last creative breath. It will never be just music to you again….you will be bringing to life a soul encoded in musical notes on a piece of parchment that you will bring to life again knowing them better because you have walked a bit in their shoes….. It will never be dots on a paper….not just notes. Human beings….. friends….. Bringing about an alchemy of souls in service to music”

This year and next will be this opportunity. Enlarging more to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Death of Giacomo Puccini… being in history as you create your own!

Operavision D’Oro begins in a medieval city just outside of Rome in Città della Pieve with 10 days of absolute concentration and discipline nestled in the gorgeous countryside of Umbria in a theater of historical beauty and centuries old spirit built in 1834…..The Teatro Avvaloranti.

Città della Pieve is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Perugia in the Italian region Umbria, located in Valdichiana a few kilometres from the border between Umbria and Tuscany, and about 50 km (31 mi) southwest of Perugia and 11 km (7 mi) southeast of Chiusi in Tuscany.

This year returning with third edition of Aprile Millo “Intensità” in Association with Associazione Culturale “Theatron” of Raffaella Franci and Paola Colombrosi Madame Millo joins the Operavision D’Oro to this collaboration. Master Classes, precise lessons on the distinct way to breathe naturally and move your body, explored in ballet and movement classes…. and also hair and make up will be offered for the final concert.

For the first time also professional electronic kits will be offered to all in attendance as well as one professional head shot.

The Third Edizione of “Intensità” Master Classes with Aprile Millo start on June 17-29th 2023 with a City celebrating still the 150th Anniversary of Perugina, a chocolate originated nearby in this most beautiful of Cities. It will be sure to be filled with celebrations of every kind!

Operavision D’Oro: Florence June 29

Immediately after Operavision D’Oro goes to Florence, Italyon June 29th, where we will be enchanted to join in on the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Franco Zeffirelli they will have access to this unequaled accumulation of operatic design, costumes, sets, movies and genius of this most revered Italian renaissance man, who conquered the stage, film and the world of Opera. Master Classes in Florence and then a Concert in Dedication to one of Madame Millo’s greatest friends and champions, her most beloved friend, Franco Zeffirelli. In the gorgeous great Hall at the Fondazione Franco Zeffirelli Museum Onlus…….Magic!!!

More Coming Next Week

Operavision D’Oro in Busseto

The long awaited return of Aprile Millo to this most sacred of Verdi land. Winning the Voci Verdiane unanimously at 21years old in 1978 the Mme. Millo returned in 2018 where she was awarded as one of only 14 people to receive the highly coveted Verdi D’Oro given by the Amici Di Verdi di Busseto. Millo with Dr. Maria Vetere, soprano, voice pedagogue and musicologist co-founded a program in Urbania in 2015. Mme. Millo transferred to Busseto this fabulously successful program and until covid it enjoyed enormous acclaim both online and in person.

Miss Millo’s vision of opera and great history.

Now a chance to return in a more personal incarnation a new program for a legend inviting legends to help dreams come true in study and inspiration and keep the fire alive….the dream continues, it evolves, this family enlarges…..

Operavision D’Oro

A program of a little over three weeks this year, with each week offerings concerts and full opera excerpts from three styles of music

Bel Canto Week, will again have the thrill of the return of our very own champion of Bel Canto the legendary Maestro Richard Bonynge who will give several Master Classes and again curate our Bel Canto Concert and conduct. His knowledge is encyclopedic and there is no one alive who understands the bel canto repertoire as well as he. Madame Millo is so excited to have her great friend with her in this inaugural cycle.

Maestra Inseon Lee will give for the first time with Operavision D’Oro a Master Class in accompanying for both singers and pianists…..

Verdi Week will see a visit to the Casa Verdi Museum in Milano where the great Maestro lies at rest and in a special day trip to Teatro alla Scala, its famous Museum… a virtual temple of art. A Trip to the Casa Barezzi and Master Classes culminating in a concert curated by Aprile Millo this year honoring the confidant and dear companion of Renata Tebaldi, a great lady and treasured friend of of over 30 years of Mme. Millo, Tina Viganò. There will also be a private visit to Langhirano to pay homage to La Tebaldi and now to Tina at the family crypt and Mme. Millo will sing a Mass in honor of them both in the historic SS Maria degli Angeli….

Miss Millo is also calling on her great colleague and long time friend, Marco Gandini to come do Masters in Drama and to direct the concert scenes of Verdi opera. Madame Millo will also sing in a very special place for the first time a piece from La Traviata in tribute to this great composer who transfigured her life.

This year Puccini Week will be in Torre del Lago with a grand Concert in The Sala Simonetta Puccini. Master Classes in Torre del Lago and Drama with Operavision D’Oro honored to welcome Mr. Massimo Pizzi Gasparon Contarini for drama and costume. Madame Millo was especially close to the fabulous granddaughter of the composer himself and the Founder of the Foundation Dr. Simonetta Puccini to protect the legacy of her most amazing grandfather. This year will be the first time Miss Millo was able to come back to Torre del Lago and will be where she finally pays respects to her dear friend as Simonetta is now with her grandfather in the sepulcher at Torre del Lago. Emotions will run high and encourage a beautiful heartfelt tribute. Miss Millo will make a rare appearance in the final concert singing the last act of La Boheme with some of the young artists….. for her beloved friend.

More details and surprises are to be updated. Don’t Miss it!!!!!

More amazing details about this Summer of “Ritorna Vincitor for Operavision D’Oro d’ Aprile Millo” Every day something or someone else jumps forward to get involved and with such great news and interest. Italy is buzzing about the program!!!

More information to follow and applications and precise information about applications and program details……


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Celebrating our 7th Edition 2021

Covid has not silenced us! We continue to provide our artists with opportunities, masterclasses, opera role study, dance, makeup, drama, technical, and career education online until Covid restrictions allow us to travel back to Busseto, Italy. We have a full roster this year and are still accepting applications for external artists to participate in a Masterclass with Mme. Aprile Millo. Please click the link below to take you to that page where you can download the application form. We hope to hear you!!!

New! Two open masterclass dates for international singers to study with Mme. Aprile Millo in public masterclasses! Please find the separate application under the masterclass heading.

Your Journey Begins Now!

Audition, Info, and Important Dates


The following details all the important dates you need to know for your initial association with Operavision D’Oro.  The Application form is available  HERE.

What To Expect:


Operavision D’Oro offers unique training with an elite group of professionals that will guide and inspire  your artistic development, coupled with a refining of personal message and vocal freedom, in a safe and encouraging environment designed to prepare you for a life in service to music. Taking what you learn and immediately using what you learn onstage in front of an audience.  Helping you the performer SEE yourself differently! You will receive:

♦ One-on-one guidance and training from legendary soprano Aprile Millo,  Maestro Bonynge, Maestra Inseon Lee and highly qualified guests in technical, stylistic,and dramatic aspects.

♦ Musical Preparation focused on technical aspects, stylistic precision, historical accuracy, and authentic diction with one of our renowned world-class maestri and pianists. Delving deeply to find the best ways to bring YOUR message to the music while keeping a close watch on the invitations implicit in the composer’s wishes and enhancing a genuine personality to help make that combination the most persuasive to the audience.

♦Drama, dance, character study, and body movement sessions with one of our esteemed drama, dance and body movement masters.

♦ Historical lectures with the Casa Verdi based on primary and secondary research that contribute to the materials being explored in your preparation as an artist and for performance.

♦ The opportunity to learn from special guests in weekly round-table discussions with some of the greatest minds in music today about all matters concerning opera and the “business” of opera in today’s world.

Master Classes with Aprile Millo and Richard Bonynge and other special guests of high international  fame and recognition to be announced in the weeks ahead.



The unique aspect about OV is that we can offer you the opportunity to perform for the most historically renowned operatic associations and organizations in Italy (Casa di Riposo Per Musicisti:  Fondazione Verdi, (Milano), Comitato Renata Tebaldi (Busseto), Fondazione Giacomo Puccini, and the Amici di Luigi Illica in Castel’Arquato, Italy. 2019 honoured the memory of Signora Simonetta Puccini (Torre del Lago) who is deeply missed friend and collaborator with the Academy, and concerts in the historic Casa Barezzi, where Verdi first honed his craft in the Verdi city of Busseto. At the end of each week, the materials studied are presented in and out of town, in concerts to benefit  one of these very important organizations.  Transportation to and from out-of-town centres will be accommodated as well as a one night-stay for two of the events.

Link to the Official Site of the Renata Tebaldi Fondazione Museo


                                                         Comune du Busseto                                                                      

                                        Busseto Live to explore this beautiful City.                                              

Casa di riposo

Casa di Riposo,  Giuseppe Verdi

Link to the Villa Puccini (Torre del Lago) website

Puccini's house

Salotto e piano forte di Giacomo Puccini (Torre del Lago)

Link to the Museo Casa Barezzi 

Casa Barezzi

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Operavision D'Oro

A sparkling new vision about opera and its study devoted to the performing artist, with special attention to style, vocal freedom and musical imagination. Operavision D;Oro helps the artist to see themselves in a whole new way. Authentic, charismatic, individual, unique. Walking in history as you create your own!! Passing the Beautiful forward!
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Today we are excited to hear American artists. The international auditions and Canadian auditions have set the highest level Operavision Academy has ever had. Truly remarkable artists and singing. We expect to hear the same today. Gigi, our mascot, has his ears perked! Just a note to any singers who missed these deadlines. You’re not… Read More

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Week 1: July 8-13, 2019 BEL CANTO WEEK with legendary Maestro Richard Bonynge and Maestra Aprile Millo Lucia di Lammermoor Act I (all roles) Maria Stuarda Act I (all roles) La Sonnambula Act II (all roles) I Capuletti e I Montecchi Act II (all roles) I Puritani (selected scenes) L’Elisir D’Amore (selected scenes) Roberto Devereux… Read More

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Every road leads to a destination. Walk the path the composers walked. See and feel them as human beings. Be where they lived, laughed and cried. More importantly, where they composed. The music you wish to sing will never be the same once you embrace the composers as human beings, truly magical people just like you who chose the path of music as the gift they gave to the world. The notes become a blueprint of their souls and yours as you bring both to a new generation.

Take the path to Operavision Academy…. you will never be the same.

Aprile Millo

Operavision Academy

There is no place like Operavision Academy. It is an experience that doesn’t just promise change….it guarantees it. Seeing yourself in a. different way, using the techniques that achieve freedom vocally, and bursting the bubble around safe and robotic singing, replacing it with charisma, and communication… the human voice is  the most direct method of communication. When you wish upon an Opera Star, it makes every difference where you are. BE in Busseto, Italy. Great Opera is in YOU.


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