Every road leads to a destination. Walk the path the composers walked. See and feel them as human beings. Be where they lived, laughed and cried. More importantly, where they composed. The music you wish to sing will never be the same once you embrace the composers as human beings, truly magical people just like you who chose the path of music as the gift they gave to the world. The notes become a blueprint of their souls and yours as you bring both to a new generation.

Take the path to Operavision Academy…. you will never be the same.

Aprile Millo

Operavision Academy

There is no place like Operavision Academy. It is an experience that doesn’t just promise change….it guarantees it. Seeing yourself in a. different way, using the techniques that achieve freedom vocally, and bursting the bubble around safe and robotic singing, replacing it with charisma, and communication… the human voice is  the most direct method of communication. When you wish upon an Opera Star, it makes every difference where you are. BE in Busseto, Italy. Great Opera is in YOU.


Operavision Academy 2019